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Chem-Tec provides OEM flow meters, flow monitors & excess flow valves. Specializing in low-flow water, air & gas equipment.


The capillary tube of the supplier flask fits in the small coupler notch The unidirectional flow may be achieved trough a check valve (ball or membran

RCM Industries Flow Meters, Flow Switches & Flow Transmitters

RCM Industries Flow Meters are direct reading flow meter with a large, easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM, l/min, etc.).

One dimensional-two phase particulate flow

for 300 ~m steel shot at differential pressures by a flow meter gage in the carrier gas line.flow meter used in this experiment is 3 SCFM

Measures gas flow rate in SCFM, NM3:SCFM,_

Thermal, Coriolis and Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids

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Shop for flow meters and other test & measurement instruments at Instrumart. Browse online, or one of our applications engineers can help you choose the

Acoustic flowmeter calibration method

compensated based on the exhaust flowmeter gas V(T=300⁢°⁢⁢C.)=((1t1-td⁡(T=300at a constant air flow of 25 SCFM, there is

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Benefit from application flexibility and wide turndown ratio with Sierra’s full line of thermal mass flow meters for industrial use. Learn more about

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Get accurate flow instrumentation with advanced digital gas flow meters, mass flow meters, controllers and switches from Sierra. Find your gas flow solution

RCM Industries Flow Meters, Flow Switches & Flow Transmitters

RCM Industries Flow Meters are direct reading flow meter with a large, easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM, l/min, etc.).


does Bronkhorst mean by SCCM, SLM, SCFH, SCFM?Gas Flow Meters Controllers Liquid Flow MetersHighest range 3…300 kg/h (39…3900 ln/min

is a clear acrylic body flowmeter suitable for both gas

clear acrylic body flowmeter suitable for both gas and liquid applications. 10-100 SCFM Air 100-700 LPM Air 200-1400 LPM Air 300-2800 LPM Air

Sonic Nozzles, Venturi Flowmeters, Critical Flow - FlowMaxx

Flowmeters for Gas and Liquid Flow Measurement. flowmeters for measuring gas and liquid flow in Air flow ranges from 0.0005 pps (0.4 scfm)

RCM Compressed Gas Flow Meter

Gas flow ranges from 40 SCFH (1 Nm3/h) in 1/2" meter to 20,000 SCFM (600 Nm3/m) in 8" meter. Construction: (click to open or close) Speci

Tactical Flow Meter, Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Tactical Flow Meter Online Store for Thermal Mass Flow Meters for compressed air and gases.

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Field proven Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers for Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid Chromatography

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201015-Flow METER – High Pressure HIGH FLOW / PRESSURE – Variable Area 0-1 to 0-30 GPM (liquid) 1.5-10 to 1-100 SCFM (gas) Features Large, easy-t

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Liquid Flow Meters - Flow Indicator and Flow Meter Y, U, F, M Series. Complete line of Industrial Flow Meters


What does Bronkhorst mean by SCCM, SLM, SCFH, SCFM? How do I calculateflow meters and controllersFor Gas, Liquid and Vapour applications READ MORE

SAE 2003-01-0780 -

The RCM Flo-Gage is a direct reading liquid flowmeter and gas flowmeter with a large easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, SCFM,

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Operating Temperature: 300 F Type: Coriolis Meter Show More Supplier CatalogMass Flow Meters and Controllers - Coriolis Gas Flow Sensor -- SITRANS FC

Method for urea decomposition and ammonia feed to a selective

gas at a rate of 150-3000 scfm and a urea filter and optional flow meters is used toThe slipstream flow rate is 300 scfm at a

Variable Area Flow Meters

UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. manufactures a broad line of flow meters for readout, transmission and contr

Kurz 454FTB-WGF | Kurz 454FTB-WGF Wet Gas Flowmeter | KURZ

Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers for GAS or LIQUID, Pressure Meters / Pressure Controllers or Evaporation Systems. Select your Bronkhorst product!

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Local Flow Meter Supplier, Flow Switch, and Sure Flow Product Store. 28265 Beck Road, Suite C-11 Wixom, MI 48393 U.S.A. (248)-380-3569

Series 2000 | Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gages is a

Mass Flowmeters and Controllers Sight Flow Indicators0-10" w.c. & 0-200 SCFM air (w/3" NPT


SUPPLIER ZONE DISTRIBUTOR ZONE NOMENCLATURE CONTACT a liquid/gas carrying network) and the flow Flow SCFM Calculate Cv Flow SCFM P1 PSIG

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Bronkhorst offers a wide range of Thermal and Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for GAS, for Laboratory & industrial applications | Find your Flow Meter here !