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Analysis and Treatment of Main Insulation Breakdown Fault in

[Indications, technic and results of the use of SF6 with vitrectomy in the treatment of retinal detachment].Haut J, Flamand M, Bouassida B, Larricart

LSI device etching method and apparatus thereof

An apparatus for performing a plasma-etching of a LSI device including a Cu interconnection, a low-k film, and a diffusion prevention film has a

terephthalate) Fibers through Cold SF6 Plasma Treatment

systematically as a function of plasma device imparted by plasma treatment in the higher pressure) fibers through cold SF6 plasma treatment

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Electrical Engineer/ Transformer Services,Australia PR[Power transformer testing related device: suitable bushing (oil-to-air or oil-to-SF6)


The aim of this paper is to present the results of the endotamponade with SF6 gas in the treatment of 19 patients with retinal detachment. The cases

Analysis and treatment of SF_6 micro water content exceedance

Post-treatment of replacement metal gate is investigated for the device observed in PDA and SF6 plasma-treated devices compared with untreated

Reactive ion etching of GaN in SF6 + Ar and SF6 + N2 plasma

SF6 + N2 0.89 2.89 2.74 GaFX in this regionAs the device leakage current and the ideality Sulfur treatment using ammonium sulfide for longer

thereof and apparatus for microwave plasma treatment

Disclosed are a semiconductor device comprising a semiconductor substrate, a first metal connection layers, a first substrate oxide layer having a specific

combined with injection of SF6 in the treatment of certain

Exclusive use of vitrectomy combined with injection of SF6 in the treatment of certain retinal detachments (PMID:3790840)Abstract Citations BioEntities

Early treatment of subretinal haemorrhage in the course of

Early treatment of subretinal haemorrhage in the course of exudative AMD using SF6 gas infusion and injection of intravitreal anti-VEGF — case report

SF6 for use in the treatment of diabetes and / or obesity,

1. A pharmaceutical composition for use in the treatment of diabetes and/or obesity, comprising an SF6 protein and/or a nucleic acid molecule encoding an

SF6 Plasma Treated High κ Dielectrics Engineering on InP

The device performance of HfO2-based InP MOSFETs with or without Al2O3 Also we have investigated SF6 plasma treatment in two ways: 1) 4 minutes


FABRICATION OF WAVEGUIDE DEVICE ON GLASS VIA SF6 ABSTRACTIn this thesis, the K+-Na+ ion-treatment, low loss and low cost, and very

performance energy storage and/or conversion device using

A method of refurbishing a lithium-containing energy storage and/or conversion device is disclosed, wherein the energy storage and/or conversion device

Color electrophoretic display device and method for

Discussed are a color electrophoretic display device with a color filter layer, which is formed in a droplet state on a rear surface of an electronic


Orbital level splitting in octahedral symmetry and SF6 rotational spectra. II. Quantitative treatment of high J levels The Journal of Chemical Physics 66,

SF6 Plasma to Reduce Source/Drain Contact Resistance in

surface passivation using SF6 plasma treatment of a metal/germanium (Ge) source/drain contact resistance in germanium n-FET", IEEE Electron Device

SF6 Analysis and treatment of

device of surface treatment, and head for use in ink jet printer 2002-07hydrocarbon gas and SF6 gas may also be used instead of fluorocarbon gas

Use and handling of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) in high-

Use and handling of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) in high-voltage switchgear gas sulphur hexafluoridecharacteristics of SF6handling of SF6gas leakagegas treatmen

Treatment of effluent gases

13. The method according to claim 12 wherein the abatement device comprisesSF6, or any other suitable halogen-containing component, such as Cl2 or HBr

Plasma treatment method in electronic device manufacture

In the manufacture of a large-area electronic device such as a large-area liquid-crystal display device with thin-film address and drive circuitry, a

Problems analysis and treatment of verifying work for SF6

Long-term effects of Enterococcus faecium SF68 versus lactulose in the treatment of patients with cirrhosis and grade 1–2 hepatic encephalopathy